God of Life, Lead us to Justice and Peace

God of Life,
Lead us to justice and peace

This is the theme of the 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches, gathering this week in Busan, Korea.

In this brief video, a number of participants, both clergy and lay, share reflections on the theme as they prepare for the assembly:

Both the theme, and the location, reflect an attentiveness to religious pluralism and interreligious dialogue, both so important in the world today. The assembly includes prayer, bible study, and ecumenical conversations, all rooted in the assembly’s theme, as well as the sort of business meetings necessary to any institution.

The 10th Assembly will be the most diverse gathering of Christians ever, and some of the events will be live-streamed.

Let us pray for all those attending or participating from afar, that the God of life will use this assembly to lead the whole world to justice and peace.

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