Personal Decisions, Global Catastrophes: Capitalism is Not Inherently Friendly to Human Life

Garland Grey at Tiger Beatdown writes eloquently

about the danger of treating self-replicating, amoral systems as if they were a fit substitute for governance. The people who defend these systems imbue them with non-existant ethical faculties as if ethical choices were a consequence of their design, rather than a conscience [sic] decision to fight for ethical outcomes by people within the system.

Primarily, I am talking about Capitalism. Capitalism is treated as if it were a universal good, as if it could self-regulate or consistently reward individuals for moral or ethical behavior and has been firmly established as the international religion by the only people holding the megaphone.

Go read the whole thing. If you’ve ever brainstormed or dreamed about what a more human-friendly socio-economic system would look like, contribute it in the comment thread, too.

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