Women Speak About Natural Family Planning

Women In Theology is hosting a very important series of posts in which Catholic women who have obediently and faithfully tried to follow the church’s teaching on contraception — that is, that natural family planning (NFP) is the only morally acceptable method of regulating fertility in marriage under any circumstances — share their stories. Their experiences with NFP, its effects on their physical, mental, and emotional health, its effects on their marriages, and their moral reflection on these experiences are powerful and compelling.

The series includes portions of the testimony given to the Papal Birth Control commission in 1965, as well as contemporary stories by women who have written in. These stories are shared anonymously, and the comments are being carefully monitored to ensure that the series continues to meet one of its primary goals: to create a space where people feel safe enough to share the truth of their experiences, and where others can hear this “essential and irreplaceable contribution to moral reasoning.”

If you are Catholic, I urge you to read these stories. If you are a Catholic moral theologian or clergyman, you really need to read these stories.

If you are (or were) a Catholic woman or man that has personal experience with NFP, I encourage you to respond to WIT’s invitation to share your story in this series.

Many thanks to WIT for discerning a need and taking on this very important project. May God bless this work and all who participate in it.

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