Not Just a Sandwich

I am delighted and honored to announce that I will also be blogging over at BLT about the Bible, Literature, Translation, and other related matters. I’ve admired both the excellent content and the whimsical name of this blog since I first came across it. If you’ve never clicked through on my blogroll to visit, now would be a fine time to check it out. You’ll recognize a couple of names – Theophrastus and J. K. Gayle have been active commenters here for some time.

This will remain my primary blogging home for matters theological and personal, but I am looking forward to interacting with my esteemed co-bloggers in the group blog format and seeing what emerges from our conversations.

In other happy news, I turned in my term paper last night and am now officially done with my spring semester. Woo!

Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to Not Just a Sandwich

  1. Very nice. I’m a big fan of BLT. You will be an excellent addition to their team.

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