Talk with me about St. Paul

Opening of the Epistle to the Galatians, illum...

Opening of the Epistle to the Galatians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This summer, I’m doing an independent study course, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Perspectives on Paul, with Dr. Michael Gorman. Independent studies are great, because you can tune them to your interests; but they’re a bit lonely, because you don’t have any classmates. So I’m looking for conversation partners, especially Protestant and Orthodox conversation partners, who might be interested in discussing some of my reading with me.

We’re still working out the reading list and syllabus, but I’ve got an initial collection of titles in a shelf on Goodreads that you can get to from a widget in the right sidebar, and I’ve included it below as well. (Click on the little “goodreads” image to see it.) I’ll probably be reading excerpts of most of these titles. In addition, I’ll be reading the seven undisputed letters of Paul (1 Thess, 1 and 2 Cor, Galatians, Phillipians, Romans, Philemon).

The basic shape of the course will be to start out with a general introduction to Paul from the perspective of the three traditions; then to focus on the specific issue of justification as seen in Paul’s letters, again from those three perspectives. Finally I’ll do a research paper, topic TBD – maybe on the eucharist, but we’ll see if anything else grabs me.

Once I have something more like a syllabus, I’ll post it here; but I thought I’d get this up sooner rather than later, in case anybody wants to read along with me. 🙂 I’m starting with Dr. Gorman’s Apostle of the Crucified Lord, which is available for the Kindle and very readable and interesting so far.

So if you’re interested, or you might be, please leave a comment (or if you prefer, drop me an email at gaudetetheology at verizon dot net). Also if you have any suggestions for additional or alternate reading, please let me know.


Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Perspectives on Paul

Reading list
Reading list on Paul
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2 Responses to Talk with me about St. Paul

  1. L Jay Jackson says:

    But isn’t Saint Mark as important as Saint Paul?
    Just asking.

    • I think the kind of material we have in the gospel of Mark is so different from the kind of material we have in the letters of Paul that it’s hard to compare.

      The option I chose to fulfill my scripture requirements was a) intro to biblical studies, b) the Hebrew bible (in english), c) the gospels and Jesus, d) the letters of Paul. There were other options, but this was the recommended choice for a concentration in systematics, because Paul’s letters are really key for the development of some doctrines.

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