Good heavens, I’ve been doing this for a year now!

It doesn’t seem like a year: didn’t I just start doing this recently? (Well, no, says the list of months in the archive section at the bottom of the page.)

Some fun with statistics:

The most-viewed post of the year was on The CDF, the LCWR, and Obedience. Two more of the top five also addressed the situation in the Roman Catholic church between the nuns (LCWR) and the bishops (CDF): one on “Product Identity” and one on Refusing to be Scandalized, which I think is one of the best pieces I’ve written.

The second most viewed was on N. T. Wright’s “Big Book on Paul” — so belated thanks to Dr. Gorman for inviting me to that mostly-faculty colloquium!

The remaining post of the top five seems to have made it there because apparently quite a number of people search for this quote:

It was the kind of place where cynics talk smut, thieves curse, and soldiers gamble. That’s where he died. And that’s where Christians ought to be and what Christians ought to be about.

Number 6 on the list is The Holy Spirit and Me, a post whose popularity surprised me because I felt this was much more a personal than a theological essay.

And number 8 is apparently a persistent favorite with students who have been assigned to write about the five Models of the Church. I’m happy to be of assistance, but I do hope you’re all citing me correctly. 🙂

The most surprising thing that happened during my first year as a blogger was being invited by my esteemed co-bloggers to join them over at BLT – if you’ve never been over there, I hope you’ll take a peek now. And perhaps the most unexpected fun I’ve had has been playing along with Lent Madness, organized by my Episcopalian sisters and brothers. Blogging has been about as helpful as I expected to have a place to write about my studies, and it’s been a lot more frustrating than I’d expected to realize how much more there is I’d like to write about than I have time for!

Overall it’s been a good year. Thank you, readers and commenters, for joining me here, and helping to make it so. 🙂

Pink cupcakes for everyone!

Cupcake image by by Violet Nightshade. (Creative Commons license)

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5 Responses to Blogiversary!

  1. Andrew says:

    Congratulations on your blogging anniversary.

  2. Andrew says:

    No problem. Now that you’ve reread “Quarantine” my comments about the CDF may make more sense.

  3. Phillip J. Long says:

    Congratulations, the first year is the hardest. Keep up the great work!

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