Nominations, please!

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October is upon us, and I’m pleased to announce that my BLT co-bloggers and I will be hosting the October Biblioblog Carnival. The monthly carnival is a roundup of blog posts in the general area of biblioblogging: which is to say, blogging about the Bible and related topics: Hebrew bible; Second temple; Christian scriptures; Archeology; Liturgy, worship and theology; Translation and etymology; Church fathers, early christianity, historical Christianity; Jewish literature; Contemporary – Church, politics, science and faith; Book reviews; Blogging and humor.

If you read, or have read, something good this month in one of these areas, please nominate it for the carnival by providing the link either by posting a comment here, or by email at bltcarnival AT gmail DOT com.

Self-nominations are both allowed and encouraged: if you’ve *written* something good this month, please do nominate it. And if you’ve been thinking about writing something, consider this a little extra motivation. 🙂

Spread the word, tell your friends, classmates, and cyberspace neighbors, and help us make this a great carnival!

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