Vote for Macrina!

Lent Madness 2012I’m a bit late with this post since there’s been so much else going on, but it’s not too late to vote for Macrina the Younger in the first round of Lent Madness.

We studied Macrina in my Early Church History class last semester. My professor used her as an example of possible roles for women in church leadership in the early church. She was an abbess who was greatly revered by her nuns and by the community, and a very strong minded woman. Even before that, she very practically fought against class distinctions in her own home: when she and her mother were the only ones left at home, she convinced her mother to live in the same way that the servants did, and eat the same food.

Her brothers are much better known than she is: Gregory of Nyssa, and Basil of Caesarea, were both bishops and renowned theologians, very active in the Christological debates, and known (along with Gregory of Nazanzius) as the Cappadocian Fathers. Macrina is arguably the Cappadocian Mother.

Vote for Macrina!

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3 Responses to Vote for Macrina!

  1. Oh! I almost forgot. Vote for Macrina because she had a special devotion to Thecla!

    When the due time came for her pangs to be ended by delivery, she fell asleep and seemed to be carrying in her hands that which was still in her womb. And some one in form and raiment more splendid than a human being appeared and addressed the child she was carrying by the name of Thecla, that Thecla, I mean, who is so famous among the virgins. After doing this and testifying to it three times, he departed from her sight and gave her easy delivery, so that at that moment she awoke from sleep and saw her dream realised. Now this name was used only in secret. But it seems to me that the apparition spoke not so much to guide the mother to a right choice of name, as to forecast the life of the young child, and to indicate by the name that she would follow her namesake’s mode of life.

    From Gregory of Nyssa’s Life of Macrina — well worth reading!

  2. Cheryl Campo says:

    Totally voted for Macrina! She’s behind though. 😦

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