Installation Mass: Ecumenical and Interfaith Attendees

I am overjoyed to learn that the Patriarch of Constantinople will be attending Pope Francis’ installation mass!!! This is the first time in a thousand years that an Orthodox patriarch will be involved in the installation of the bishop of Rome. Orthodox ecumenist and theologian John Zizioulas will also be attending, as will the metropolitans (equivalent to archbishops) of Italy and Argentina. This is wonderful, heartening news! Deo Gratias!

I understand that the Anglican bishop of Guildford, Christopher Hill, will also be attending as part of the Anglican delegation. He is a member of ARCIC, the Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission which produced some wonderful documents in the late 20th century, before relations between the two churches became strained over issues pertaining to women’s ordination and homosexuality.

And I’m delighted to learn from Rocco Palmo that

the pontiff wrote quickly to the Chief Rabbi of Rome, Riccardo di Segni, inviting Italy’s ranking Jewish leader to his Installation Mass on Tuesday and promising “a spirit of renewed collaboration” in light of his “lively hope to contribute to the progress” of relations between the two faiths in the spirit of Nostra Aetate.

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