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Papal Interview: “Disjointed Multitude of Doctrines”

In the excerpts of the papal interview I’ve been seeing, this one leaped out at me (emphasis mine): The dogmatic and moral teachings of the church are not all equivalent. The church’s pastoral ministry cannot be obsessed with the transmission … Continue reading

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Papal Interview: Some Commentary

The extended interview with Pope Francis has been all over the news for the past few days. You can read the entire text at America magazine. For convenience, you can also buy a copy for the Kindle or Nook. This … Continue reading

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Reform the Curia by Making it Diaconal?

Kurt Vorndran makes a very interesting suggestion in the comments section of a dotCommonweal blog post on reforming the Curia: …service in the Curia should be recognized as a diaconal ministry (which is what it is) and that those serving … Continue reading

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Five and a Half Reasons Not to Send your Son to College

Emily Reimer-Barry, over at Catholic Moral Theology, has posted an admirable response to “a Catholic father’s explanation of 6 (+2) Reasons NOT to Send Your Daughter to College.” It is admirable both for its stance of charitable dialogue, and for … Continue reading

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Second Blogiversary!

It’s been another year! Gaudete Theology is two years old today. N. T. Wright’s “Big Book on Paul” was once again by far the most popular post on the blog this year, with nearly four times as many page views as … Continue reading

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Visualizing thesis, chapter 2

I turned in my first draft of chapter two to my advisor last week! It’s rougher than chapter one was when I sent it out, so he had some interesting writing advice as well as theological suggestions for a couple … Continue reading

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