Papal Interview: Some Commentary

The extended interview with Pope Francis has been all over the news for the past few days. You can read the entire text at America magazine. For convenience, you can also buy a copy for the Kindle or Nook. This will also provide some revenue for America, whose editor tweeted on Friday that “Papal interviews are expensive!”

I’ve got it on my Kindle but haven’t read it yet; I’m still processing the excerpts I’ve seen quoted here and there. Meanwhile, here is some commentary:
– by James Martin, SJ: Listening to the Pope
– by Amanda Osheim at Daily Theology: The Discerning Pope
– by John Slattery at Daily Theology: ‘Masculinity in a Skirt’: Pope Francis and the Role of Women
– from the National Religious Leadership Roundtable on his remarks on LGBT people
– from Frank Bruni at the NYT: The Pope’s Radical Whisper [Updated to add this excellent commentary that focuses on humility]

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