Are you Catholic? Did you Know…? : a new blog project

I’ve started a new blog project: it’s less academic than this one, and is devoted to the little things that every Catholic should know, but often don’t. Every week or so I’ll put up a brief post about one of those little things, along with a poll where you can vote on whether or not you knew that — and of course, use the comments to expand on your answer, share your thoughts, reactions, stories about the topic, or further related questions. There’s also a suggestion box where people can ask questions and suggest topics.

Current and former Catholics, and interested non-Catholics, are all welcome.

I’m hoping this will be a fun way to share some information about Catholicism, and also gather information that can be used by catechists and preachers about gaps in Catholic education.

Please join us over at, and pass the link around to your current and former Catholic friends and relations. Thanks!

(I’ll continue to blog here, of course, and will occasionally refer from that blog back to this one for a more in-depth or theological treatment of subjects that come up.)

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