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Wrestling with Milbank (via Burrell)

Burrell, David B. “An Introduction to Theology and Social Theory, beyond Secular Reason.” Modern Theology 8, no. 4 (October 1, 1992): 319–29. David Burrell presents an introduction to John Milbank’s constructive critique of secularism Theology and Social Theory to open … Continue reading

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Rejoice O Websurfers: so much internet

Happy Laetare Sunday! Learn more and listen to the chanted introit from which the day takes its name courtesy of Brian Flanagan over at Daily Theology. This looks like a fascinating book: Invented Religions: Imagination, Fiction, and Faith by Claire … Continue reading

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Children, Priests, and Scandal in Church

Here’s the story: on his way to the ambo (pulpit) to give his homily (sermon), the presiding priest detoured to approach “a family with several small children under the age of four who were sitting near the front of the … Continue reading

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Better Analogies for a Synod of Women

Surely, there are better analogies than a placenta to describe a possible synod of women! Here are a few I’ve thought of: – a synod of women, embodying the maternal concerns of Mother Church – a synod of women, bringing … Continue reading

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The Problems with the Placenta Analogy

Odd moment from last night's #pope event: When Ken Woodward asked about synod of only women through which ideas would pass "like a placenta" — Grant Gallicho (@gallicho) March 20, 2014 The placenta, of course, is an organ that is … Continue reading

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So much internet, so little time

Here’s a roundup of some good stuff I’ve read lately: – Why English majors make lousy fundamentalists calls out seven key elements of approaching scripture as literature, and how they shape interpretation. Here’s a snippet: An English major assumes that … Continue reading

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Visualizing thesis, Chapter Three!

Turned in the first draft of the last sections of chapter three last night to my advisor, and tonight to my second reader. Woot!

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Ready for Lent?

Ready or not, here we go: Lent starts this Wednesday. Are you ready? Have you got a Lenten practice in mind, a particular form of the traditional Lenten practices prayer, fasting, and almsgiving? Are you giving something up? Taking something … Continue reading

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