Better Analogies for a Synod of Women

Surely, there are better analogies than a placenta to describe a possible synod of women! Here are a few I’ve thought of:

– a synod of women, embodying the maternal concerns of Mother Church

– a synod of women, bringing new ideas to the church as Mary Magdalen, apostle to the Apostles, brought the news of the resurrection to Peter

– a synod of women, bringing reflections on the gospel to Rome as Phoebe carried and proclaimed Paul’s letter there

– a synod of women, pondering on the Holy Spirit and birthing good news for the church as Jesus was born of Mary, who pondered all these things in her heart

– a synod of women, whose contributions to the life of the church are in the tradition of Mary of Bethany, Mary of Magdala, Lydia, and all the women who provided essential financial and practical support for the ministry of Jesus and the early church

– a synod of women, gathered like the roses of Our Lady of Guadalupe, to lift up in the church the voices of those who too often go unheard

– a synod of women, faithfully witnessing to the wounds and the sorrows of the church, like the faithful women disciples who remained at the foot of the cross

I don’t think these are perfect, but they’re certainly better than a placenta. By and large, they draw on the experiences and contributions of women in the life of the church. Shouldn’t that be the point?

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2 Responses to Better Analogies for a Synod of Women

  1. I’ll take any of them, especially the Mary Magdalene one, the Phoebe one, the women at the cross (and the tomb for that matter!) and the women of the early Church like Lydia and Mary of Bethany (and Joanna) and others. True, not perfect, but no analogy is perfect.

    I also like the idea of the women and the Church imagery. As I said on Vox Nova, the Church likes to talk about how the Church is feminine, but never wants to consider what that might mean for the average woman.

    • My favorite was the last one, the women at the cross, and I think it would be most likely to be accepted as well.
      I think the Mother Church analogy would be a non-starter because it would require accepting that the male clergy and hierarchy cannot, in fact, embody the church.

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