Rejoice O Websurfers: so much internet

Happy Laetare Sunday! Learn more and listen to the chanted introit from which the day takes its name courtesy of Brian Flanagan over at Daily Theology.

This looks like a fascinating book: Invented Religions: Imagination, Fiction, and Faith by Claire Cusack, reviewed by John L. Crow.

‘These aren’t the criteria you’re looking for’: Myth and the control of the Star Wars canon is the title of a talk that will be given at the AAR in May, touching on the interaction between popular/communal and formal/institutional influences on the definition of canon, which has thought-provoking implications for interactions between the hierarchy, the academy, and the sense of the faithful.

Have you seen and heard Sr Cristina yet? Read the story and watch the fabulous video of an Italian nun singing on an Italian TV show. I can’t decide which I like better: the excitement of the sisters cheering her on, or the reactions and responses of the judges (who start out unable to see the performer) when they turn around and see a nun.

Denise Levertov is one of my favorite poets, and Carol Faulkner has written a good article about her in Poetry and the 20th Century Religious Experience.

Have you been to see Noah yet, or are you considering going? Check out this review by my BLT co-blogger Suzanne McCarthy, which includes both her feminist review and quotations from a rabbi’s review. And consider checking out a new(ish) website Flood Of Noah: Ancient Stories of Natural Cataclysm, which includes a page dedicated to academic responses to the movie.

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