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Thesis Progress Report: Final draft!

I just submitted my complete final draft to my advisor and second reader for their final review. The title is: The Church as the Locus of Desire for God: Towards a Mimetic Ecclesiology It is 120 pages long, including front … Continue reading

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#2popesaints: A Creative Gesture of Desperately Needed Reconciliation

It’s commonplace in some circles to identify people as belonging to one of two divisions in the Roman Catholic church: there are those who are “Vatican 2 Catholics,” and those who are “JPII Catholics.” These labels do not literally refer … Continue reading

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Triduum Moments

A few high points from our Triduum services this year: – I got to hear Eucharistic Prayer 1 for the first time in the new translation! (Well, half of it: the other half was in Spanish.) I liked it; it … Continue reading

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This Is the Night

Riffing on the Exultet: Rejoice, ye heavenly powers Sing, ye angel choirs For in these darkened hours The Light of the World did rise Exult It! Happy Easter!

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“Shine Through Us”

A lovely prayer that Mother Teresa encouraged the Sisters of Charity to pray: Dear Jesus, help us to spread your fragrance everywhere we go. Flood our souls with your spirit and life. Penetrate and possess our whole being so utterly … Continue reading

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Websurfers, Come Out! So much internet

Very, very terse roundup of things I’ve been reading whilst procrastinating on my thesis: Amazing pictures from the mass celebrated on the border of Nogales Beliefs can be unloving: if you follow only one link, follow this one. Excellent discussion … Continue reading

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