Websurfers, Come Out! So much internet

Very, very terse roundup of things I’ve been reading whilst procrastinating on my thesis:

Amazing pictures from the mass celebrated on the border of Nogales

Beliefs can be unloving: if you follow only one link, follow this one. Excellent discussion of how “love the sinner but hate the sin” fails.

Inter Mirifica is the Vatican II document on social communication (did you know there was one?), and the Pontifical Council on Social Communications is 50 years old this year. Looks like they have quite a nice website.

Geeky Greeky stuff from my BLT co-blogger J. K. Gayle

And the Godspell song I’ve been singing and dancing and praying to this week. Relational ontology and multiple metaphors for justification: what’s not to love?? 🙂

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