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“The Different Pace of Renewal”: Powerful Insight from Sr. Dr. Elizabeth Johnson

One of the significant events in the Catholic world this past month was the annual meeting of the LCWR (Leadership Council of Women Religious): the leadership body of vowed women religious (sisters, nuns) in the US. This year, they bestowed … Continue reading

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Excessive Force: What Happens when Police Safety Trumps Public Safety

For the past several nights, I have been watching the feeds from Ferguson, increasingly horrified as the combined police forces rolled down the streets in armored personnel carriers or marched down the streets carrying M-16s, deploying sonic weapons, repeatedly gassing … Continue reading

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Ferguson, Intersectionality, and Occam’s Big Paisley Tie

If you want to learn about privilege in this country, you only need to ask who gets the benefit of the doubt. — Laila Lalami (@LailaLalami) August 15, 2014 Last week, I found myself in a conversation with some white … Continue reading

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(Few) Catholic Voices on #Ferguson

Since becoming aware of the Catholic Media Fail on Ferguson, I’ve been asking around and checking for related stories in the Catholic media and blogs that I’m aware of. This is all I’ve found. Did I miss anything? Please let … Continue reading

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Painted Screens and Painted Stations: a Secular and Sacred Art Report

Last Sunday afternoon, I spent a couple hours at the Oakland Mills Interfaith Center, one of the two interfaith centers in which my parish has a presence. The building has a central area resembling a courtyard, with plenty of natural … Continue reading

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A Mimetic Reading of the Ferguson Events

I’m a hugely text-oriented person, but so much of what happened in Ferguson this week was captured in truly compelling tweeted images that this post will be full of embedded tweets, mostly including images. Some of those compelling images were … Continue reading

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Ferguson, Missouri

Today, it’s finally made the mainstream media. But terrible things have been happening in Ferguson, Missouri — a small municipality in St. Louis County — since Saturday afternoon, when 18yo Mike Brown was shot and killed by police. According to … Continue reading

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So Much Internet: Women’s Bodies Edition

Read about the past, present, and possible future of women in pants: Wearing the Pants: a Brief Western History of Pants. Words you don’t normally think of together, especially in the Middle Ages: Sex and the Single Saint: Physicality in … Continue reading

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Pride, Ecumenism, Contraception, and Divorce

There is often a disturbing element of ecclesial pride, even arrogance, in magisterial discussions of the moral and ethical (and usually gender, sexual, and reproductive) issues over which the Roman Catholic church increasingly finds itself differing from other Christian traditions. … Continue reading

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“Not even an ecumenical council”? Unpopular Church Teachings and the Appeal to Impotence

David Cruz-Uribe quotes Cardinal Mueller in his piece on Two Perspectives on Two Vexing Questions over at Vox Nova. I’m not engaging with his piece here, which is well worth a read; but this quotation leapt out at me: Not … Continue reading

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