Blogiversary: Baby Is Three!

It’s been quite the year for my little blog!

This year, for the first time, an actual post ranked higher than my home/archives page count: thanks to a few people who shared it on Facebook, my post on A Mimetic Reading of the Ferguson Events has had more than 2200 views, with more than half of them in a single day. The stats are gratifying, but the topic was horrifying, so I can only hope that my post contributed positively to the larger discussion. This was also my first picture-heavy post, using many embedded tweets, so I must acknowledge @SoulRevision, @UnvirtuousAbbey, @AntonioFrench, @YourAnonNews, @BevTGooden, @TheRoot, @theblogpirate, @Karnythia, @Marmel, @RayDowns, @AttorneyCrump, @MxBarclay, @grammar_girl, @Suey_Park, @Walldo, @NickBilton, @Mashable, @RyanJReilly, @D_Towski, and @ZerlinaMaxwell, without whose work I could not have written that post. If you’re on Twitter, go check them out.

In second place was my lengthy interview with Dirk von der Horst, A Music Theologian Engages with Pope Francis’ Favorite Music. Dirk did a fabulous job here, explaining what the theology of music is about, engaging with the portions of Pope Francis’ interview in which he discussed his favorite music, and suggesting some pieces he’d like the pope to listen to. The post is filled with musical performances of the pieces he discussed, so it’s chock full of reading and listening goodness.

I gather that both Models of the Church and Topics in Early Church History are still very frequently assigned as homework, as these were my third and fourth most popular posts. Hi, students! Hope you found what you were looking for (and cited it correctly!). 🙂

One piece of thesis blogging from this year, A Feminist Critique and Appropriation of Mimetic Theory, was the tenth-ranked post. And the page on Mimetic Ecclesiology, which describes my thesis and links to all my thesis blogging, had to be excluded when counting up the top ten posts this year (along with Home/Archives and About), which is exciting.

Other posts from this year that made it into the top ten are my initial post on Ferguson; Five and a Half Reasons Not to Send your Son to College; and Modesty, Male Gazes, and Virtues. That last one was engaging with a post by David Cruz-Uribe at Vox Nova, to whom I’d like to give a somewhat apologetic shout-out:
his writing very frequently catalyzes mine, but I very rarely actually engage with the substance of his work. It’s more like something he says on the way to making his point sends me off in a fruitful direction. So thanks, David, and I’m sorry I so rarely do your work justice! And readers, go check out his stuff.

Other posts from the top ten were Hermeneutics, Suspicion, and Generosity (generally from people searching on either hermeneutic of suspicion, but sometimes on hermeneutic of generosity), and Bible Translations: Formal or Functional?: both written in year two, and both, I suspect, perused largely by students.

Other than blog statistics, the biggest blog-relevant events of the year were the completion of my thesis, the Robert F. Leavitt Award for Outstanding Achievement in Theological Studies, and my graduation: I am now a Master of Theology. Wheee!! This is the first September in eight years that I haven’t been either taking classes or writing my thesis.

I originally started this blog partly so that I would have a place to write about my schoolwork. Now that I’ve graduated, it will be an even more important place for me to write and chat about theology; but there will no longer be a theme of the semester to focus my blogging. 😉 So we’ll see what kind of rhythm and focus emerges, as I find my balance and finish catching up on all the Stuff I neglected while in school.

Thank you, readers and commentariat, for your company this year, and I hope you’ll stay with me in the year to come. Have some cake!!

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6 Responses to Blogiversary: Baby Is Three!

  1. Congratulations on three years!

  2. Congrats, I am glad your blog is doing well, keep up the good work!

  3. Andrew says:

    Congratulations! Am I correct in concluding that the title refers to Theodore Sturgeon’s classic story (which became the central portion of _More Than Human_)?

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