So Much Internet: November Post-Synod Edition

As we all continue to process the events and documents of #Synod14, there are bunches of stuff to read:

Kyle Cupp directly examines the issue of Power and control in the church: topics which are all too often either unspoken (although not thereby rendered absent), or employed polemically (usually against those who do not have power).

Solidarity with Sisters considers how the dynamics at play in the synod may shed light on the interactions between the Vatican and LCWR. I wouldn’t dwell overmuch on the openminded vs closed-minded distinction per se, but the different levels of comfort with uncertainty strikes me as very significant.

Catholic Sensibility has started a series doing a close read of the Synod Relatio. This blog has done a number of excellent similar series on other church documents: each blog post quotes a paragraph or two from the document, and provides some context, comment, and reflections. It’s a great way to read and reflect on important church documents in bite-sized pieces, instead of trying to digest a large dense document all at once. Highly recommended.

In the wake of the synod, the US Council of Catholic Bishops met this week. There was a live stream, a twitter account, and a hashtag (#USCCB14).

Finally, a couple of posts on liturgical feasts we have celebrated in November, from the good folks at Daily Theology:
– A reflection on All Soul’s Day as a feast of hope
– and a lovely reflection, Becoming God’s Spoken Word, on the feastday of St. Elizabeth (who is primarily familiar to rosary-praying Catholics through her supporting role in the second Joyous Mystery, the Visitation).

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