Blogiversary: Five Years Old

Chocolate_cake_with_strawberriesLittle kids get excited when they turn five because that uses all the fingers on their hand. I’m pretty excited, too!

My top ten posts this year:

#1: Topics in Early Church History? – a perennial favorite among students looking for paper topics. I hope it’s been helpful!

#2: Mercy and Misogyny – an annoyed feminist reading of a passage in a brochure on the Jubilee Year of Mercy that the Catholic church has been celebrating this liturgical year.

#3: Natural Law and the Gender Bimodal – observing the world with 21st century eyes reveals that anatomy is outcome, not ontology. There is no gender binary. One of my favorite pieces.

#4: Bible Translations: Formal or Functional? – another perennial favorite, with apologies to those who rightly observe that this distinction isn’t a binary, either!

#5: Rape Culture and the Construction of Virgin Saints – the story of Thecla and Trifina through a feminist mimetic gaze. Another one of my favorites.

#6: Impressions from Paul’s letters to the Galatians, Philippians, Corinthians, and Philemon – from my summer project on Paul a couple years ago.

#7: Rejecting the Glamor of Evil – one of my foundational blog posts on mimetic theory.

#8:Erased, Silenced, and Distorted: A Catholic Woman’s Lament – a cry from the heart, occasioned by a passage from the first part of Sr. Dr. Elizabeth Johnson’s book Friends of God and Prophets: A Feminist Theological Reading of the Communion of Saints , which I read with a few reading buddies this year.

#9: Hermeneutics, Suspicion, and Generosity – another perennial favorite, although I suspect this is because there’s little available online about a hermeneutic of generosity.

#10: Perpetua and Felicity – another feminist mimetic reading of another story of two women from the early church.

For the first time ever(?), my post on Models of the Church, part 1 didn’t make the top ten cut. Just barely, though: it was #11.

Three of this year’s top posts were written during the past year: that’s an encouraging trend! The remaining seven were also in last year’s top ten. Looking over what I’ve written this past year, I’ll nominate the close reading of a fascinating piece of devotional art in the Walters Art Gallery as a good post that didn’t get very much attention — if you missed it, please do check out Art, Co-Redemption, and Kenosis: Reading the Vierge Ouvrante.

My posting pace has remained slow this year, partly because I lost one of my favorite conversation partners last August. I didn’t realize how often our conversations had driven my blogging. There remains more going on in the world and in the church that I’d like to blog about and don’t find time for. But hope springs eternal!

Thank you, readers, friends, and commentariat, for your company along the way, and for celebrating today. Have some cake…. with strawberries!     😎


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  1. Andrew says:

    Happy Blogiversary!

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