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Have you ever been lost? Walking through the woods, sure you knew where you were going until the landmark you were aiming for wasn’t there.. and wasn’t there.. and still wasn’t there… and all the trees look alike and omg … Continue reading

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Reflecting on “Flow and the Christian Experience of Time”

Lexi Eikelboom’s interesting blog post on Flow and the Christian Experience of Time (Module 1, Class of The Rhythmic Theology Project) defines “flow” as Flow is a perfect state of concentration without struggle. In flow, one is working on something … Continue reading

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Lectionary Reflection: The Virtue of Outsiders

It’s so frustrating when the lectionary leaves out half the story! Here’s what was going on in today’s first reading: Naaman is a king from Syria, who has come to Israel after his Hebrew slavegirl (looted in war) suggests to … Continue reading

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Gossip and the Scapegoat Mechanism

[One of gossip’s functions is] bonding. When you talk about absent others you’re constituting them as an out-group and yourselves as an in-group: if what you’re sharing is sensitive information, like a secret or a negative opinion about someone,that will … Continue reading

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