Elizabeth on Mary, Dorothy on Therese, Ramona & Ingrid on Clare: Book Fair Finds for Women’s History Month

My church library had a used book fair this past weekend, and I came home with three books:

Truly Our Sister: A Theology of Mary in the Com800337munion of Saints by Sr. Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, which she wrote more or less together with Friends of God and Prophets. I’m most excited about this one, because I’ve been meaning to get it for years, and my interest was rekindled when I read FOGAP with a small online group last year during Easter season. Maybe we can do Truly Our Sister the same way – anyone interested?

203984Therese, by Dorothy Day: This was not quite the book I originally thought it was, because all I saw was a slim white volume with Dorothy Day on the cover and that was enough for me to pick it up, because I don’t own anything on Dorothy Day. I was a bit disappointed when I saw it was actually about Therese of Lisieux, because I’ve heard rather a lot about “the Little Flower” since I was a little girl. But then I got to wondering… what would Dorothy Day of the Catholic Worker Movement have to say about this young woman who is normally portrayed with such cloying sentimentality? Hmm! So I decided it’s a better find than I first realized.

Praying3609776 with Clare of Assisi, by Ramona Miller & Ingrid Peterson: This is part of a series Companions for the Journey, about praying with the saints. I picked it up because I think Clare typically gets overlooked: everyone knows Francis of Assisi, but I never really learned much about Clare until grad school, and was keen on the fact that she was the first woman who wrote a Rule of monastic life for nuns that was accepted — all the previous communities of women lived according to a Rule that was written by a man. (Why did I have to go to grad school to learn this??) And because it is Lent, a book on praying with Clare seemed very timely.

What are you reading for Lent, or Women’s History Month, or both?

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1 Response to Elizabeth on Mary, Dorothy on Therese, Ramona & Ingrid on Clare: Book Fair Finds for Women’s History Month

  1. I am reading Truly Our Sister now. It is an excellent book.

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