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Bible Session Zero

Inspired by a comment @catholickungfu made on twitter today, here’s an idea for getting at all the things the Bible means to you that you aren’t quite aware that it means. In a group setting, I imagine this could be … Continue reading

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Stories, Reality, and Trans Inclusion

“The monomyth is the story that’s managed to win. The one that beat up all the other stories and sent them crying home to Mommy without their schoolbooks and lunch money.” Unpleasant realization dawned. “You’re talking about reality.” “Of course … Continue reading

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How Long?

I heard a piece this morning, thanks to the prayer ministry Pray As You Go, and on first listening, it struck me as a beautifully enculturated version of a chanted psalm. The thing I learned about Gregorian chant years ago, … Continue reading

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Sin as an Occasion of Grace

This Tuesday was the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. Something about that struck me differently, this year. I’d normally think about Paul being struck down and all the following drama — because that’s what I usually hear emphasized, … Continue reading

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Free Interfaith Series on Economic Justice

The excellent Institute for Christian, Jewish, & Muslim Studies in Baltimore is offering a free online series on economic justice this February. A four week series on Thursday evenings, this series will grapple with questions like “when is a society … Continue reading

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For us men?

The Christological portion of the Nicene Creed, in Latin, contains the phrase et homo factus est. Both both the 1970 and the 2011 missals translated this phrase as and became man. In this post I argue that this is a … Continue reading

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What are we deconstructing?

This question was asked of Kevin Miller during this evening’s session of the online Collaborators Conference, a mimetic theory/theology conference that is a successor of sorts to the Theology and Peace Conference I attended once or twice while in grad … Continue reading

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The Purpose of the Papacy, Francis, and the Synod

This blog post was inspired by a quote by Pete Buttigieg going around, “[T]he purpose of the Presidency is not to glorify the President, but to unify the American people.” What struck me was how easily it could be transposed … Continue reading

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Social Justice and Sexual Diversity

I’m writing this on National Coming Out Day in the United States. The metaphorical closet to which it refers is a potent symbol of vulnerable marginalization. This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments from plaintiffs who believe they have a … Continue reading

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What is a church, that we should be mindful of it?

I found myself crying, as I watched Notre Dame burn. I’d only been there once; why was I crying? I cried as I watched the people gathered to sing the Hail Mary as they watched the Cathedral of Our Lady … Continue reading

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