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Do you understand what I have done for you?

“What I am doing, you do not understand now, but you will understand later.” Jesus had gone on to explain that he was giving them an example, and that they should wash one another’s feet, so they had almost forgotten … Continue reading

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Elizabeth on Mary, Dorothy on Therese, Ramona & Ingrid on Clare: Book Fair Finds for Women’s History Month

My church library had a used book fair this past weekend, and I came home with three books: Truly Our Sister: A Theology of Mary in the Communion of Saints by Sr. Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, which she wrote more or … Continue reading

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Today, Christ is born! Today, Salvation appears! Today, on earth, angels sing, archangels rejoice, the just exult, saying: Glory to God in the Highest, Alleluia!

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Advent, Day Five: She Who Is

Word: Bloody Verse: Isaiah 4:5 What if we read the LORD in Isaiah 4:2-6 through a womanly metaphor? as She Who Is, the one who writhed in labor to birth creation? On that day, The branch of  She Who Is … Continue reading

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Gossip and the Scapegoat Mechanism

[One of gossip’s functions is] bonding. When you talk about absent others you’re constituting them as an out-group and yourselves as an in-group: if what you’re sharing is sensitive information, like a secret or a negative opinion about someone,that will … Continue reading

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But what can we do? For white people who feel helpless

It’s been a terrible week. Alton Sterling, selling CDs in front of a store with the store owner’s permission, killed by police. Philando Castile, stopped for a broken taillight, killed by police in his car with his girlfriend and her … Continue reading

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Feminist St. Agatha Wants You!

St. Agatha is one of those virgin saints from the early church that tends to be overlooked by many feminist-minded Catholics. Her story, like those of many other women saints, has been told through the male gaze by male hagriographers. … Continue reading

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Art, Co-Redemption, and Kenosis: Reading the Vierge Ouvrante

An intricate piece of devotional art at the Walters Art Museum captured my imagination this last weekend. This particular piece is carved from ivory, and is an example of a type of medieval art known as a Vierge Ouvrante, or … Continue reading

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Theology of the Friends of God and Prophets: Women’s Practices of Memory – Part 3, Ch8 of #FOGAP

In this chapter, Johnson is clearly writing for readers who are not familiar with the tools of feminist theology. She illustrates four different practices with a different story. Telling Hagar’s story by lifting up elements that are plainly in the … Continue reading

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Codification, Development, and Freedom: Completing Part 2, Dialogue with a Living Tradition: ch 5, 6, &7 of #FOGAP

In these three chapters, Johnson meticulously engages with Christian tradition to trace the early origins, later development, and contemporary teaching on the saints, particularly but not exclusively with Catholic tradition. She sees evidence of both the companionship and patronage models, … Continue reading

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