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We Are All in the Garden

On Holy Thursday, after the procession, after we sing the Tantum Ergo, gathered around the altar of repose, I usually meditate on being in the garden with Jesus, keeping watch and praying as his friends didn’t, because they couldn’t stay … Continue reading

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What is a church, that we should be mindful of it?

I found myself crying, as I watched Notre Dame burn. I’d only been there once; why was I crying? I cried as I watched the people gathered to sing the Hail Mary as they watched the Cathedral of Our Lady … Continue reading

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Conjugal Friendship? Works for Me.

Maria Gwyn McDowell at WIT engages vigorously with Giacamo Sanfilippo’s post at Public Orthodoxy, and I agree with a great deal of what she says, particularly the non-remarkableness of a man who is a husband and father finding “ultimate satisfaction” … Continue reading

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Asking for Better Homilies: A How-To Guide

Some of us were dismayed and disappointed at the preaching we heard this weekend, which expounded on the Beatitudes without making even a veiled reference to the Muslim ban (aka executive order prohibiting entry to citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries, … Continue reading

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But since we are of the day, let us be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love and the helmet that is hope for salvation. – 1 Thess 5:8 Hope, if we define it as holding to the … Continue reading

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Lectionary Reflection: The Virtue of Outsiders

It’s so frustrating when the lectionary leaves out half the story! Here’s what was going on in today’s first reading: Naaman is a king from Syria, who has come to Israel after his Hebrew slavegirl (looted in war) suggests to … Continue reading

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Random musings after mass on this Feast of the Assumption

It’s not a holy day of obligation in my diocese, but because I had taken the day off work, I went to the noon mass today, which had about 4 times the usual number of attendees. There was a lily-ish … Continue reading

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Feminist St. Agatha Wants You!

St. Agatha is one of those virgin saints from the early church that tends to be overlooked by many feminist-minded Catholics. Her story, like those of many other women saints, has been told through the male gaze by male hagriographers. … Continue reading

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Art, Co-Redemption, and Kenosis: Reading the Vierge Ouvrante

An intricate piece of devotional art at the Walters Art Museum captured my imagination this last weekend. This particular piece is carved from ivory, and is an example of a type of medieval art known as a Vierge Ouvrante, or … Continue reading

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Theology of the Friends of God and Prophets: Companions in Memory – Part 3, Ch9 of #FOGAP

Having taught us how to tell women’s stories in chapter 8, Johnson here offers a schema through which these stories, told within the context of the communion of saints, can support, sustain, and inspire women and the church. Drawing heavily … Continue reading

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