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A lesbian and a fundamentalist….

Read this powerful witness from Kimberly Knight, a lesbian progressive Christian laywoman, about her in-person conversation with Billy Humphrey, a straight fundamentalist Christian minister: A lesbian and a fundamentalist walk into a bar. Substantive conversations across such an ecclesial and … Continue reading

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The Bible, the Church, and the Holy Spirit

I came across this post on The Evolution of the Bible – and the Evolution of Us today that fits neatly into a conversation I had the other day: Nineteenth-century source criticism was all about trying to uncover the various … Continue reading

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My first post over at BLT is up: I decided to introduce myself by writing about my bibles, and how I got so many of them.

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Bible Translations: Formal or Functional?

I’ve written before about the difference between formal and functional (or dynamic, or equivalence) translation: Now there are two ways you can translate from one language to another. You can choose a formal translation, which tries for a word-to-word translation, … Continue reading

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