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The Persuasive Power of a Mother’s Breast

An interesting paper by Salvador Ryan, The Persuasive Power of a Mother’s Breast: The Most Desperate Act of the Virgin Mary’s Advocacy, discusses the once-popular images of Mary breastfeeding Jesus, or exposing her breast to him, as depicting two forms … Continue reading

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Christology: From Cradle to Chalcedon

(I had such fun with my final exam that I thought I’d post it here. Click on the diagrams to open them in a new window, then zoom in so you can see them better, or print them and connect … Continue reading

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Fun exam

I’m working on my final exam for early church history today, and it is such a neat exam! We pick one of the general areas covered in the class — I picked Christology — and then we are to create … Continue reading

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John of Damascus explains Christ’s two natures

Now, when we say that men have one nature, it must be understood that we do not say this with the body and soul in mind, because it is impossible to say that the soul and the body as compared … Continue reading

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Review: What is the Incarnation?

What is the Incarnation? by Francis Ferrier, trans. Edward Sillem My rating: 4 of 5 stars Volume 24 of the Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Catholicism under section II Basic Truths. Originally published in France in 1960 as L’Incarnation; English translation … Continue reading

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Review: When Jesus Became God

When Jesus Became God: The Struggle to Define Christianity during the Last Days of Rome by Richard E. Rubenstein My rating: 3 of 5 stars I skimmed through this very quickly looking for some specific information about a later stage … Continue reading

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How we understand the name(s) Jesus Christ

When I think of the second person of the Trinity, I’ve always had a tendency to think of Jesus as his human name and Christ as his divine name: two names for his two natures. In theology school, I encountered … Continue reading

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Zizioulas’ Pneumatology and Congar’s Spirit Substitutes

This week, one of my classmates presented on the “communion pneumatology” of John Zizioulas, a highly respected Eastern Orthodox theologian who has been active in the ecumenical movement for many years. I had previously encountered his communion ecclesiology, and his … Continue reading

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A Very High Christology Nativity

I came across Katrina Fernandez’ column panning this piece of art, titled Haute Sphere, installed at the Cathedral in Los Angeles this month. She identifies it as a Nativity scene, and concludes it is profoundly inadequate. I clicked through to … Continue reading

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