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WCC-Pentecostal Dialogue on the Church

There’s some good stuff on ecumenical methodology in this report on discussion between the World Council of Churches and the Pentecostal churches which occurred over the past five years. The actual report is a PDF file that is very clearly … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Haight’s “Systematic Ecclesiology”

Haight, Roger. “Systematic Ecclesiology.” Science & Esprit 45:253-81. 1993. In this paper, Haight explains the collapse of the pre-Vatican II systematic ecclesiology by demonstrating its incompatibility with the principles of historicity and global consciousness embraced by the council. These principles … Continue reading

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On the Importance of Love for Ecumenical Dialogue

…and for Christians who live in a society with people who don’t agree with them. In The Problem of Religion in Inter-Religious Dialogue, Debra Dean Murphy writes: Loving my conversation partners—seeking their good, willing their happiness, bearing with them, desiring … Continue reading

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What would the Pope do in a reunited church?

In another example of “ecumenical dialogues that I never heard about”, the North American Catholic-Orthodox Consultation put out a document in October 2010 that explores some possible answers to this question. Steps Towards A Reunited Church: A Sketch Of An … Continue reading

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Who Proceeds from the Father… and the Son?

In reading further in Congar Vol 1 on the development of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, I found myself becoming distressed at the focus on the Western understanding that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. … Continue reading

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Honest Dialogue

I visited a Lutheran church for worship this morning, and so I heard the RCL readings. The Roman Catholic lectionary, while close to the RCL this week, omits this section of Matthew 21: When he entered the temple, the chief … Continue reading

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Allentown, Saturday

My goodness, what a long day and what a lot to take in and think about. Rather than a detailed report, here are a few images, phrases, or ideas that struck me while listening to each talk: Denominational, doctrinal, or … Continue reading

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Allentown, Friday evening

I’m here at the 2011 conference of the North American Academy of Ecumenists in Allentown, PA. The opening session was held at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, a thoroughly lovely church built in the 1930s. The church is built of … Continue reading

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