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So Much Internet: Women’s Bodies Edition

Read about the past, present, and possible future of women in pants: Wearing the Pants: a Brief Western History of Pants. Words you don’t normally think of together, especially in the Middle Ages: Sex and the Single Saint: Physicality in … Continue reading

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So much internet, so little time

Here’s a roundup of some good stuff I’ve read lately: – Why English majors make lousy fundamentalists calls out seven key elements of approaching scripture as literature, and how they shape interpretation. Here’s a snippet: An English major assumes that … Continue reading

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The Bride of Christ: a feminist reading

The image of the church, or the soul, as the Bride of Christ is a longstanding one in Christian theology, and can be seen as complementary to the image of the church as the Body of Christ. The traditional reading … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault and Women’s Agency, or, Desire and the Disrupted Mob: The Story of Thecla and Trifina

We have this story in a document called the Acts of Paul and Thecla: but it is really the story of Thecla, and of the women around her, especially Trifina. Thecla was a young woman from a wealthy, high-status family … Continue reading

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Perpetua and Felicity

I’ve always been curious about Perpetua and Felicity. I knew they were martyrs, I knew they were women, I knew they were always included in the litany of saints, and I knew their names were always together. That was about … Continue reading

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Religious Liberty: Theology, Law & Effects on the Church

This was the title of an event that I attended at my parish last Thursday, related to the “Fortnight of Freedom” campaign spearheaded by the US Catholic bishops (most notably the recently appointed Archbishop of Baltimore, William Lori). From the … Continue reading

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Women, law, religion, marriage, and St Joan of Arc

A small roundup of articles I found through the Feminist Law Professors blog. I read this for the feminism, but found several items worth blogging about here. First, in honor of the 600th anniversary of Joan of Arc’s birth, the … Continue reading

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I’m pleased to see Chally has begun this series of interviews with Feminists of Faith: Nahida , a Muslim feminist. The interview questions explore the formation of one’s identity as a feminist and a person of faith, the relationship between … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, I thought I’d do a quick roundup of some relevant posts: – the World Communion of Reformed Churches blog is Celebrating Ten Women of the Bible today – BLT reblogs about Orthodox Jewish women … Continue reading

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Lent Madness: Vote for Mary Magdalen!

Although Mary Magdalen is, in the popular imagination, a reformed prostitute, it is not at all clear that the repentant woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with oil is the same as Mary Magdalen. This conflation appears to have been started … Continue reading

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