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The Statue at the Synod and the Catholic Imagination

Symbols and artwork are multivalent. How can any Catholic with a properly formed imagination look at a statue of a heavily pregnant woman in the context of a church, and not see Mary pregnant with Jesus? Is it because she … Continue reading

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Elizabeth on Mary, Dorothy on Therese, Ramona & Ingrid on Clare: Book Fair Finds for Women’s History Month

My church library had a used book fair this past weekend, and I came home with three books: Truly Our Sister: A Theology of Mary in the Communion of Saints by Sr. Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, which she wrote more or … Continue reading

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Random musings after mass on this Feast of the Assumption

It’s not a holy day of obligation in my diocese, but because I had taken the day off work, I went to the noon mass today, which had about 4 times the usual number of attendees. There was a lily-ish … Continue reading

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Art, Co-Redemption, and Kenosis: Reading the Vierge Ouvrante

An intricate piece of devotional art at the Walters Art Museum captured my imagination this last weekend. This particular piece is carved from ivory, and is an example of a type of medieval art known as a Vierge Ouvrante, or … Continue reading

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Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy

In honor of today’s feast of the Immaculate Conception, which opens the Jubilee Year of Mercy, I thought I would do a close read of this traditional Catholic prayer, also known as the Salve Regina. If you only know the … Continue reading

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A Motherless Child is Not an Orphan. (Also, Mary’s Birthday.)

Last week, Pope Francis tweeted: The Christian who does not feel that the Virgin Mary is his or her mother is an orphan. — Pope Francis (@Pontifex) September 2, 2014 This strikes me as confused either in anthropology, ecclesiology, or … Continue reading

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Did you sing a version of the Magnificat at church this weekend? If so, see if you can find a link to a recording of the setting that you sang to share. We sang this version to the tune of … Continue reading

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The Persuasive Power of a Mother’s Breast

An interesting paper by Salvador Ryan, The Persuasive Power of a Mother’s Breast: The Most Desperate Act of the Virgin Mary’s Advocacy, discusses the once-popular images of Mary breastfeeding Jesus, or exposing her breast to him, as depicting two forms … Continue reading

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Modern Day Sarum Prymer

Haligweorc reports on, and has written the forward for, a Sarum Prymer: a precursor to the Book of Common Prayer which adapted the monastic practice of the Daily Office (Liturgy of the Hours) to non-monastic life. I particularly appreciated this … Continue reading

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The Bride of Christ: a feminist reading

The image of the church, or the soul, as the Bride of Christ is a longstanding one in Christian theology, and can be seen as complementary to the image of the church as the Body of Christ. The traditional reading … Continue reading

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