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Gaudete Sunday: Rejoice Greatly!

Wishing you all a happy pink-candle Advent week on my blog’s name day, and reflecting on the incarnation of Zechariah’s text in joyful performances like this one. Rejoice! Advertisements

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Thank You, Sister: Watching Suor Cristina Dance

I’ve read that in the early and medieval church, describing a woman as a virgin wasn’t so much about the state of her hymen as her autonomous personhood. Especially in a patriarchy, for a woman to be other-than-a-wife set her … Continue reading

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Participating at Church

Haligweorc writes on Basic Disciplines for [Anglican] Liturgical Worship, Part II, but makes several generally-applicable points. I especially liked this bit: Check the psalms. Does it really say, “Let the sea thunder and all that is in it; let the … Continue reading

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Weeping, Lamentation, and Hope

At the end of his post on praying with the psalms in times of sorrow, Richard Beck articulates (one of the reasons) why I cry at church: Because, like I said above, I’ve seen how these psalms of praise are … Continue reading

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Hildegard’s Symphonia, translated

Symphonia: A Critical Edition of the Symphonia Armonie Celestium Revelationum by Hildegard of Bingen Another lovely book of poetry by a saint who is not as well known as she should be. Barbara Newman, the translator, presents Hildegard’s Latin text … Continue reading

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