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Stories, Reality, and Trans Inclusion

“The monomyth is the story that’s managed to win. The one that beat up all the other stories and sent them crying home to Mommy without their schoolbooks and lunch money.” Unpleasant realization dawned. “You’re talking about reality.” “Of course … Continue reading

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Natural Law and the Gender Bimodal

Observing the world Moral arguments based on natural law always begin by observing the world, because it is an axiom of natural law that God’s intended purposes can be discerned by careful study of the world. It is therefore clear … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Marriage: Gen 1 or Gen 2?

The bible begins with two creation stories, and each has its own purpose. Gen 1 tells the story of how all creation came to be, with the creation of humanity, male and female, as the culmination of creation. In this … Continue reading

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The End of Absolute Sexual Morality? No.

Kyle Cupp at Vox Nova writes, in The End of Absolute Sexual Morality, that Christian moral reasoning is typically absolutist–i.e., based on absolute principles–and its approach to sexual moral norms is no exception. Embracing homosexuality as a valid sexual expression … Continue reading

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Things to think about as you prepare to vote on gay marriage

Next week, voters in four states (Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington) will vote on whether civil marriage should be made available to same-sex couples. Here is some material to reflect on as you prepare to cast your vote. Whether you … Continue reading

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Various times over the past few years, I’ve heard it claimed that the idea of human rights arose from Christianity, but never from what you might call an unbiased source, and never with any details. So I was interested to … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality as a Teaching Moment

This month, Maryland became the eighth state (plus the District of Columbia) to pass marriage equality legislation. It was signed into law this week by Gov. O’Malley, but will not take effect until after any referendum reversal attempts have completed. … Continue reading

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