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Dear Catholic clergy: Please say something.

Dear Catholic clergy, Please, say something about the Pennsylvania report at Mass. At every Mass. We need to hear you say something about it. We need to know you are paying attention, that this is not just business as usual. … Continue reading

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Asking for Better Homilies: A How-To Guide

Some of us were dismayed and disappointed at the preaching we heard this weekend, which expounded on the Beatitudes without making even a veiled reference to the Muslim ban (aka executive order prohibiting entry to citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries, … Continue reading

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Vocations, Vocations, Vocations: A Plea for Precision

David Cruz-Uribe over at Vox Nova recently posted Some Thoughts on Promoting Vocations, which sounds like it is intended to be the first of a series. But there is a terminology problem here – and almost everywhere, honestly. “Vocation” is … Continue reading

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Children, Priests, and Scandal in Church

Here’s the story: on his way to the ambo (pulpit) to give his homily (sermon), the presiding priest detoured to approach “a family with several small children under the age of four who were sitting near the front of the … Continue reading

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