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Friday Night Potpourri: So Much Internet, June New Moon edition

Pope Francis had some nice things to say in his address to the Vatican Observatory Summer School on Galaxies. Here’s an excerpt, but it’s worth reading the whole brief address: Here too we see a further reason for the Church’s … Continue reading

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Augustine, science, and religion

When I come across one or other of my fellow Christians ignorant of astronomy, believing what is not so, I calmly look on, not thinking him the worse for mistaking the place or order of created things, so long as … Continue reading

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James F. McGrath, over at Exploring Our Matrix, has an interesting review of More Than Matter by Keith Ward. After outlining a variety of views ranging from materialism through non-reductive physicalism to idealism, Ward situates himself towards the latter end … Continue reading

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Practice and belief

In thinking about PeaceBang’s recent reflections on love and freedom in Unitarian Universalism, I was struck by her description of what seems to be a key element of contemporary UUism Our obsession with free thought and “building our own theology” … Continue reading

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