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A lesbian and a fundamentalist….

Read this powerful witness from Kimberly Knight, a lesbian progressive Christian laywoman, about her in-person conversation with Billy Humphrey, a straight fundamentalist Christian minister: A lesbian and a fundamentalist walk into a bar. Substantive conversations across such an ecclesial and … Continue reading

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Catholics Labeling Catholics

There’s been some discussion in the Catholic blogosphere about America magazine’s recent commitments aimed at Pursuing the Truth in Love: 1. Church. The church in the United States must overcome the problem of factionalism. This begins by re-examining our language. … Continue reading

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Francis Respectfully Acknowledges Non-Believers

NCR reports on Pope Francis’ press conference today, including its remarkable closing. When a Pope gives an audience or speaks to a gathering, he normally concludes the audience by giving his “apostolic blessing,” which is a special blessing from the … Continue reading

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Truth, Deception, and Abortion

There seems to be a disturbing tendency towards misinformation in the pro-life movement. At best, this might be the result of inadequate education about the relevant facts: facts about fertility, conception, contraception, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, their effects on women, and … Continue reading

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