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What are we deconstructing?

This question was asked of Kevin Miller during this evening’s session of the online Collaborators Conference, a mimetic theory/theology conference that is a successor of sorts to the Theology and Peace Conference I attended once or twice while in grad … Continue reading

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At the hour of our death

“At the hour of our death.” For Catholics, those words are instantly recognizable as the end of the Hail Mary. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, amen. Although we … Continue reading

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Holy Week

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Good Friday Moments

During the Passion reading, this verse rang loudly against too much of the news these days: “If he were not a criminal, we would not have handed him over to you.” – John 18:30 And the saddest thing I’ve ever … Continue reading

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We Are All in the Garden

On Holy Thursday, after the procession, after we sing the Tantum Ergo, gathered around the altar of repose, I usually meditate on being in the garden with Jesus, keeping watch and praying as his friends didn’t, because they couldn’t stay … Continue reading

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The Purpose of the Papacy, Francis, and the Synod

This blog post was inspired by a quote by Pete Buttigieg going around, “[T]he purpose of the Presidency is not to glorify the President, but to unify the American people.” What struck me was how easily it could be transposed … Continue reading

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The Statue at the Synod and the Catholic Imagination

Symbols and artwork are multivalent. How can any Catholic with a properly formed imagination look at a statue of a heavily pregnant woman in the context of a church, and not see Mary pregnant with Jesus? Is it because she … Continue reading

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Social Justice and Sexual Diversity

I’m writing this on National Coming Out Day in the United States. The metaphorical closet to which it refers is a potent symbol of vulnerable marginalization. This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments from plaintiffs who believe they have a … Continue reading

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What is a church, that we should be mindful of it?

I found myself crying, as I watched Notre Dame burn. I’d only been there once; why was I crying? I cried as I watched the people gathered to sing the Hail Mary as they watched the Cathedral of Our Lady … Continue reading

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Create in me a clean heart, O God

About 20 years ago, the music director of my parish announced that he would be resigning at the end of0 the current choir season, 8 months later. Not only was he the best music director I’d ever worked with, whose … Continue reading

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