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Reflecting on “Flow and the Christian Experience of Time”

Lexi Eikelboom’s interesting blog post on Flow and the Christian Experience of Time (Module 1, Class of The Rhythmic Theology Project) defines “flow” as Flow is a perfect state of concentration without struggle. In flow, one is working on something … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the (Altar) Rail: Catholic communicants and the changes of Vatican II

I had an interesting conversation on Twitter the other day during which the topic of the communion rail came up. James wondered why Catholics eliminated the communion rail when it was “non-controversial” among Lutherans and Episcopalians. I claim no particular … Continue reading

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Reflections on Haight’s Comparative Ecclesiology

Haight, Roger. “Comparative Ecclesiology.” The Routledge Companion to the Christian Church. ed. Gerard Mannion and Lewis S. Mudge. New York: Routledge. 2008. 387-401. After a brief overview of comparative elements of ecclesiology through the history of the church, Haight identifies … Continue reading

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Models of the Church, part 3

After defining five models of the church, and considering them in relation to several important theological themes, Dulles closed his original edition of the book by considering criteria by which one might be able to evaluate ecclesiological models. The criteria … Continue reading

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Models of the Church, part 1

We’re reading Avery Dulles’ Models of the Church in class over the next few weeks, and I notice that the first four models he considers are contrasting pairs: institutional vs communion, and sacrament vs herald. I’ll be interested to see … Continue reading

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