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Review: Critical Issues in Ecclesiology

(My review of this book, reproduced here, appears in a slightly different form in the Summer 2012 issue of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies, Volume 47, number 3, pages 496-7.) Critical Issues in Ecclesiology: Essays in Honor of Carl E. … Continue reading

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Augustine, science, and religion

When I come across one or other of my fellow Christians ignorant of astronomy, believing what is not so, I calmly look on, not thinking him the worse for mistaking the place or order of created things, so long as … Continue reading

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A vaccination theory of the atonement

Athanasius would not have used these words in the fourth century, but in this part of his argument (On the Incarnation of the Word, 44:4-8) that the incarnation was essential to our redemption, it seems to me that this is … Continue reading

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Review: What is the Incarnation?

What is the Incarnation? by Francis Ferrier, trans. Edward Sillem My rating: 4 of 5 stars Volume 24 of the Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Catholicism under section II Basic Truths. Originally published in France in 1960 as L’Incarnation; English translation … Continue reading

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Progress, or Promise?

Dover Beach approvingly quotes Tom Wright on the language and rationale put forward by advocates of women’s ordination, opposing the language of “rights” and “progress” as inherently antithetical to the gospel, but potentially supporting women’s ordination in principle on the … Continue reading

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Review: When Jesus Became God

When Jesus Became God: The Struggle to Define Christianity during the Last Days of Rome by Richard E. Rubenstein My rating: 3 of 5 stars I skimmed through this very quickly looking for some specific information about a later stage … Continue reading

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Nice analysis over at the Commonweal blog on the extremely narrow defeat of a measure that would have allowed women bishops in the Church of England.

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A hierarchical roundup of some recent Catholic news: – A Minnesota teen was effectively denied the sacrament of confirmation because of his support for samesex marriage. (The family says he was denied, the pastor says he voluntarily withdrew, but the … Continue reading

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Inclusive Language Standards: Coming to a Seminary Near You?

I recently came across the very comprehensive APA Guidelines for Non-Sexist Use of Language. The APA in this case is the American Philosophical Association, though this document was modeled on those of the American Psychological Association. Not only do these … Continue reading

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Why Christians might support marriage equality

Christian discussions of samesex marriage generally center around the question of whether homosexual behavior is, or is not, sinful. Whether one’s view of this question is informed by the Bible, natural law, theological anthropology, or a combination thereof, there are … Continue reading

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