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Market Economy vs Market Society

John Coleman, S.J. blogs about What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets by Michael Sandel (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 2012). A couple of choice snippets: Sandel has no problems with markets and the economy. But he laments that … Continue reading

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Six Eight Months Later*

(*I meant to write this after six months, but life’s been busy!) Well, it’s been six eight months now since we bade farewell to the ICEL translation of the Roman Missal and started using the new, so I thought I’d … Continue reading

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“Tasting Heaven on Earth”

Among the Western theological developments the East missed during this period were the definition of original sin as hereditary guilt; the rise of tariff penance with its consequent notions of satisfaction for sin, purgatory and indulgences; and the medieval sacramental … Continue reading

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Open Letter to NCAA and Penn State from a Catholic

Dear people, I am not a sports fan, but perhaps this gives me the same kind of useful outsider’s perspective that non-Catholics had on the sex abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic church. The similarities in the two situations are, … Continue reading

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Researching Romans: Trent, Calvin, and Contemporary Commentaries

Well, having hauled my brain off strike after it had its week off, I have managed to get myself organized for the research paper for my independent study. Since what I’m really interested in is how Paul is perceived and … Continue reading

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The problem with a summer class is that first, you’re too busy to post much; then, you’re too exhausted to post much! I’ve got a queue full of posts I want to write in my head, but just haven’t been … Continue reading

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Justification: More Views

This week I worked my way through the rest of Justification: Five Views. Michael Bird’s discussion of the Progressive Reformed perspective places the judicial metaphor in the context of Paul’s other language that draws on relational, covenantal, and eschatological themes … Continue reading

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A Higgs boson walked into a Catholic church. The priest came quickly bustling down the aisle and said, “Excuse me, but you’ll have to leave — we don’t allow your kind here.” “But Father,” the Higgs boson said, “without me, … Continue reading

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In African thought it is the concept of Bumuntu (genuine humanity) that guides theological doctrines. A faith is authentic when it enhances human flourishing and when “orthodoxy” is reconciled with “orthopraxis” for the great common good and the greater glory … Continue reading

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Religious Liberty: Theology, Law & Effects on the Church

This was the title of an event that I attended at my parish last Thursday, related to the “Fortnight of Freedom” campaign spearheaded by the US Catholic bishops (most notably the recently appointed Archbishop of Baltimore, William Lori). From the … Continue reading

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