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Modesty, Male Gazes, and Virtues

David Cruz-Uribe has posted an interesting discussion of modesty in the context of feminism, applying the feminist concept of the male gaze in connection with various approaches to modesty, including one particular discussion between two Christian women bloggers about an … Continue reading

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A Music Theologian Engages with Pope Francis’ Favorite Music:  An Interview with Dirk von der Horst

In December I finally got around to reading the papal interview, and I was very intrigued by the section in which he talked about his favorite music. I didn’t know the pieces he mentioned, though, and I found myself wondering … Continue reading

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Who constitutes the church? A hypothesis on clericalism, factionalism, and mimetic rivalry

I’m still working through the issue of mimetic rivalry between clergy and laity. Part of what’s going on is certainly factionalism. But then I tried to figure out, okay, so who exactly are in the clericalist and anti-clericalist factions? There … Continue reading

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Salt and Light: Random Mass Musings

Best quote of the homily: when things start going wrong, Don’t take the Ostrich as your patron saint. Things I wondered about during the gospel: – can salt lose its flavor? – and if it does, is it still good … Continue reading

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