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Catholics Labeling Catholics

There’s been some discussion in the Catholic blogosphere about America magazine’s recent commitments aimed at Pursuing the Truth in Love: 1. Church. The church in the United States must overcome the problem of factionalism. This begins by re-examining our language. … Continue reading

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Rejecting the Sacrificial System

Theophrastus asked the other day, A central theme in the New Testament is on Jesus’s sacrifice proper; so what would it mean to reject the sacrificial system? This is still an incomplete and pretty rough&rambly essay in response, but I’m … Continue reading

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Review: The Gospel & The Sacred: Poetics of Violence in Mark

The Gospel and the Sacred by Robert G. Hamerton-Kelly My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars This is mostly a very good book. The introduction to mimetic theory (and its application as a method of biblical interpretation), and the appendix with … Continue reading

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Cosman on Maimonides On Asthma

…Maimonides’s treatise On Asthma. Inspired by Greek texts, it was written in Arabic in the 12th century by a Jewish physician for an Islamic patron, and translated to the Western world in Latin by Christian scholars. Thanks to its remarkable … Continue reading

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The Fig Tree

I’m reading Robert G. Hamerton-Kelly’s The Gospel and the Sacred: Poetics of Violence in Mark, and am really engaged by some of the ideas he proposes. Here’s one of them. The pericope of the fig tree has puzzled me & … Continue reading

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When St. Joseph was added to the Eucharistic Prayer in Nov 1962

In response to the recent instruction to add St. Joseph’s name to the other Eucharistic Prayers, dotCommonweal shares this amusing diary entry from an amused Congregationalist observer of the Second Vatican Council, made at the time that St. Joseph was … Continue reading

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Participating at Church

Haligweorc writes on Basic Disciplines for [Anglican] Liturgical Worship, Part II, but makes several generally-applicable points. I especially liked this bit: Check the psalms. Does it really say, “Let the sea thunder and all that is in it; let the … Continue reading

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How do you solve a problem like Maria write a thesis, anyway?

I haven’t been blogging much lately; I’ve had an awful lot going on in my personal, work, and of course academic life, as I’m working on my thesis, which has been rough going. I realized tonight that I didn’t go … Continue reading

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