Thesis progress report: Chapter Three

So I haven’t been blogging much lately, because all my writing time is going into my thesis. I’m more than halfway through the first draft of my third chapter — even if I don’t break criteria/assessment/critiques and conclusions into a fourth chapter of their own, which I’m inclined to do at this point — and I definitely feel like I can see the end of the project from here, which is exciting.

The outline of chapter three presently looks like this:

Chapter 3: Mimetic ecclesiology
3.1 Defining the church
3.2 Developing a mimetic ecclesiology
3.3 Good mimesis and the church
3.4 Ecclesiological themes

The ecclesiological themes is the section I’m working on now – I’ve sent all the other parts off to my advisor already — and the themes are currently looking like:

a. Institutional forms
b. Authority
c. Membership
d. Reconciliation
e. Church and World
f. Eschatology

but the organization gets blurrier as I go down the list. 😉

Originally, I was going to read a few things I’d found in the mimetic theology literature that had some explicit connection to ecclesiology before writing this chapter. As it turned out, I read a few of them, but then decided that I should write my own explicit ecclesiology, developed from the first two chapters, before reading what other folks had to say. Presently, my strategy is to plow ahead and complete the entire first draft (so I can be sure of completing in time to graduate), and then go back and supplement with that additional material as time permits. I feel pretty good about that approach, but it is a little frustrating.

On the other hand, it’s exciting to discover that I have a lot to say about various recent goings-on in the church from the perspective of mimetic ecclesiology, because it’s not like I started out to write about them.

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