Chalices, Queer Theory, and More: So Much Internet

John Corvino argues that a little knowledge of queer theory is a dangerous thing, in Thinking Straight?
Where Social Conservatives Go Wrong on Sexuality
. His essay includes nice clear discussions of how sexuality can be socially constructed without, therefore, being deliberately changeable. Very well worth reading, no matter where you stand on the morality of same-sex marriage, acts, or inclinations.

Did you know Regina Jonas was the world’s first woman rabbi? Born in 1902, she completed seminary in 1935 in Germany. She served as a rabbi in a concentration camp for more than a year before being transported to Auschwitz and killed. Read more about her work and her rediscovery in Obscure no more, world’s first woman rabbi receives recognition.

When supper was over, he took the… cup, or chalice? Rita Ferrone presents a variety of arguments against one of the most controversial words in the new missal translation in Take This Chalice — Please.

Richard Beck blogs William Stringfellow’s book on Conscience and Obedience, which grapples productively with the apparent contradiction between Romans 13 “obey the civil authorities” and Revelations 13 “resist the civil authorities.” Great stuff, with a connection to the Catonsville Nine antiwar activists.

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