So Much Internet: Women’s Bodies Edition

Read about the past, present, and possible future of women in pants: Wearing the Pants: a Brief Western History of Pants.

Words you don’t normally think of together, especially in the Middle Ages: Sex and the Single Saint: Physicality in Anglo-Saxon female saints’ lives.

The Smile Bitch Training Camp: a satirical response to the policing of women’s facial expressions by men.

The images at the Body Hair Project aim to “initiate a discussion around body hair and what it means to each of us.” (HT Molly Rose)

Problematic images in posters intended as part of an anti-rape campaign: Rape Culture in Real Life: Poster Edition. (Content note: images portraying violated women, discussion of rape and victim blaming.)

“Women are strong . . . but don’t worry! They’re still attractive”: Excellent intersectional feminist analysis of the gender differences in the presentation of athletes’ bodies in the ESPN Body Issue from 2012 and 2014. (Content note: photographs of naked people.)

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